Why Employment Screening

Thanks to globalization, workplace is becoming more diverse than ever and employers are more open to hire people from different sides of the world. It is also true that people from Asia Pacific is a main force in global workplace as a result of immigration and reallocation.

More frequently than not, many screening organizations find themselves in the need of screening services in APAC and yet as they are not familiar with the procedures and legal compliance and worried about the authority of the results, they find themselves confused and uneased.


IDASAN has established complete access to data sources across APAC and we ensure the data we obtain is always compliant with the relevant legislation.

Our employment screening services are conducted only with the candidate's full consent and are designed to uncover misrepresentations, errors and/or deliberate omissions.

What Level of Screening Do You Need

IDASAN adopts a risk based approach and work with our partners to design the most suitable range of products for your pre and post-employment screening needs.

This approach ensures you appropriately designed packages and ensures your screening programme align with your overall business risk profile and the risk associated with each role.

What IDASAN Provides

Our regional footprint entitles us to provide a variety of employment screening services throughout Asia Pacific region, as well as globally.


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