Did you think your Chinese criminal checking process was comprehensive? It might be time to think again…

In the last three months, IDASAN has unearthed multiple candidates with convictions - a number our competitors find hard to match. More often than not, other background screening vendors find 0 convictions in a year.


What do the corruption scandals of foreign pharmaceutical companies in China tell us?

In July, an investigation by Chinese authorities into the activities of GlaxoSmithKline revealed an alleged bribery network that involves government officials, doctors, hospitals and at least 700 travel agencies. The bribes totalled nearly half a billion dollars, according to media reports.


The increasing population of international students will accelerate the growth of background screening business worldwide, and China again should get your attention !

According to the latest UIS (UNESCO Institute for Statistics) data, at least 3.6 million students in 2010 were enrolled in tertiary education abroad, up from 2 million in 2000.


It seems like the background screening business will continue to climb in China ! Part 2

In our last newsletter, we discussed two factors contributing to the business growth in China's screening industry: the growing population of the foreign workforce and an increased awareness of pre-employment screening.


It seems like the background screening business will continue to climb in China ! Part 1

A census released by the China National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) in April 2011 showed that nearly 600,000 foreigners were living in Chinese mainland at the end of 2010. According to the census, the top three home countries of the foreigners on the mainland were the Republic of Korea (ROK), the United States and Japan.



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